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Czech'n'Bhutan Cultural Friendship Association

Czech'n'Bhutan Cultural Friendship Association / CBCFA

Czech 'n' Bhutan Cultural Friendship Association (CBCFA) was founded in 2016 as a non-profit organisation. Its purpose is to provide a networking platform for Bhutanese, Czech and indeed all international friends of the Bhutanese community in the Czech Republic and vice versa. The generous donation of our sponsors enable us to arrange social and cultural events throughout the year, which aim to be informative as well as entertaining. They also offer our members a great opportunity to meet, whether for education, inspiration or pleasure, and these events are an invaluable networking platform for new members. The CBCFA Association is dedicated to providing, and supporting, cultural events in The Czech Republic and Bhutan. CBCFA also supports and raises funds for various charities in the Czech Republic and Bhutan.

Adresa: https://www.facebook.com/CBCFAs
Telefon: +420 608 574 020
E-mail: info@CBCFA.com